Saturday, 11 March 2017

Book of Keeps.

  • Two close friends to fall back on anytime. Some people call them 2 AM friends.
  • An acquaintance to share your joys and sorrows. 
  • Support system at home. Could be your folks or siblings.
  • A Library. Your very own collection of interests. Could be books, music, movies,TV series, coins. The best part is you can choose whenever you want from your own choices. 
  • Your Creations. Could be poems, writings, paintings, pottery, craft - Every time you look at them, they would boost you up.
  • Resources List.These are the things you need access to at all times. Like that stationary kit, your stylist or your editor.
  • Have that one wish or dream on your mind always. That one which you wanted to accomplish but is yet to do so. Put a step forward towards it

These are my keeps.

What are yours? Do let me know yours :)

Mind Wanders

The mind wanders,
To that happy place,
Still making me smile,
Although it has been a while.

The mind wanders
in between pleasant moments,
wondering how would it be right here, right now?

It requites then, nodding 'YES'!
It would have been different,
But, would it be the furthest?
Would you like the sundry tests?

The mind wanders, sometimes, asking what if,
No keeps,
Do you still view weeps?

The heart then begins to thwart,
Safe is the place to be,
Dialogue has been always the key;
Be it stunning or ornery,
Live it like it is meant to be.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

If I Were A Book

If I were a Book,
On the shelf,
I would be overjoyed to meet new people everyday.
Some would flip through,
Some would read through.

The fact that  I would enter a reader's mind, brings thrills.
The thought that one person may meet you daily, and then never again,
Makes me cry shrills.

I would swirl with joy when the winds blew in.
I would be left teary eyed if the rain came in.

How lovely would it be to alter one's thoughts
How delighting would it be to put someone to deep slumber.
To some I would bring wonders and to others, thunder.

If I were a Book, My friend,
I would be called an 'addiction' by some
I would go along with decoction at home.
If I were a Book, My friend,
I would be be-friend-ed  like none other ally of  the own!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Coming back to you

What I love the most is coming back to you.
Because you are the calmer one I know.

What I love the most is looming at you ,unwarranted,
Because I know the recoil,that I so take for granted.

What I love the most is growing with you, into pitfall,
Onto steps and heights, or out of the bygone wall,
Because you have taught me never to succumb,
Even when, I  saw the future, Not standing plush & tall. 

What I love the most are the times we disagree,
Because the fond memories I make around them,
Could never be traded for anything that came in dollars or forever-free.

I have named the  place where I feel permissed as 'thee',
Because at times it feels too good to be in glee,
That no matter what, thou shall know the ropes and keep them harm-free.

What I love the most is coming back to you.
Because you are the serene one I know.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Chimera- a short yarn.

When I was riding into the woods the other day, I saw a girl with beautiful golden locks tied into a french braid. She was filling pots of water at the riverside.

The grace with which she walked towards the palanquin awaiting her, left me spellbound. I waited and watched for a while in complete hush. I tried to sneak a glance of the 'glaring' face- which I imagined, but in vain. It seemed to me like someone of great authority longed her presence in the palki, as she hurried towards it. Few other ladies were walking with her too, but my eyes would not move away from her.

Suddenly someone called out from faraway 'Chimera' and my fair lady turned back slowly. So, I said to myself  "This charming lady was called Chimera.Wow! What a differentiated name". I took a deep breath and waited with excitement. May be she would be the  lady of my dreams. May be I would have a fairy tale love story like the ones grandma narrated. My heart skipped a beat or two :). She finally turned.

To my horror, she appeared to be a witch with a wrinkly face, a red elongated nose and the longest nails I had ever seen. I yelled, "NO"!
Shocked, I found myself in my bed soaked in a stream of sweat. YES, it was a dream. A scary one.

Later when i tried to recall it, I realized Chimera meant 'imaginary'.
Aren't dreams supposed to bring out our imagination or sub-councious thoughts ?

Thursday, 4 August 2016

No Discount On Feelings!

If we feel weird about it
Why not say it?

If we feel happy about it
Why not show it?

If we feel bad about it,
Why do we oppress it?

If we feel desirous about it,
We do we cope with it?

If we feel curious about it,
Why not ask about it?

This cascade of high, low, even and odd called Feelings
Why do they always have to be discounted?
Why not they always be facile give a-ways?

If you find a way to profess, My mate,
Not once discount it!
Shout out loud,
Win some,
Lose some,
Weep a lot,
Care a wholesome,
Love more,
Brood less.

Not once discount it!
Because,this is what, 'Being' is about.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Just as long 'WE are'..!

Just as long 'We are', together
Let us tickle,
Let the mind run utterly fickle.

Let's run into the sheer wild,
And not let anything be absolute mild.

Let's indulge onto the fantasy spree,
And let our almanac be far from free.

Just as long 'We are', together
Let us skip and hop.
And we shamble around? No! nope.

Let the time not be of any bound,
Let gelos not build in pounds.

For we not know, how long.
But as long 'WE' are....
Let us call it 'Living for the Loving'.